The Berlin Quintet

A Prelude

Brought to Spandau in the deep darkness of the early morning, the Reserve Police Agency’s newest agents were secretly ushered into the bowels of the prison where they found Albert Speer listening to Schubert’s The Trout. Welcoming them to the RPA, we flash to just how each of them found themselves recruited into this secret police force.

Sally “Solder Sally” Wyatt watched her brothers march off to war and never saw them alive again. With pluck and more than a little deception, she managed to smuggle herself to the front, disguised as a man and proceeded to earn fame when she personally confirmed a number of sniper kills during a siege in a small, French village. During the fight, the German soldiers grew oddly quiet and yet still approached her position in a bell tower. It was only when she saw glowing eyes coming off one of her brothers that she knew something sinister was at work. Back in the States, her sex and fame made public, she was heralded as “Soldier Sally” and quickly folded into the War Bonds circuit, drumming up support for the fight. Now that the war is done, Uncle Sam still has need of her and so she finds herself in Berlin.

On the other side of the Iron Curtain, Captain Miroslow Rokossowski son of the infamous Marshall of the People’s Republic of Poland found himself summoned to the nondescript yet expensively furnished office of the Ministry for Public Security. Having spent the war working with the Home Army before folding into the Red Army thanks to the patronage of his father, Miroslow had hoped to enjoy the fruits of peace but that was not to be. Jakub Berman, the head of this secret police force informed him that he was needed in Berlin to preserve Soviet interests in this RPA business. Always one to obey orders and not knowing just what he was getting himself into, Miroslow packed his bags and was off to the West, his peace deferred.

Canada’s moral reserve and fortitude was put to the test time and again during the war and time and again, they prevailed thanks to men like Corporate Robert Sinclair who, during the war, while engaged in house to house combat with the enemy, found himself and his men in one particularly quiet and ill-smelling abode. Cautiously making their way through, they were horrified to encounter some tenebrous creature who made off with one of Sinclair’s men before scuttling into the darkness, not to be seen again. Hurried for time as the more mortal fight was still being waged around him, Sinclair managed to obtain a solitary tooth, the only proof of that terrible thing in the darkness.

Luc Besson had parachuted into France to help sabotage the Hun’s tyranny. With British backing, he began listening in on enemy radio to determine what information might be of use to bring this madness to an end. Late one night, his comrade taking the shift while he rested, he suddenly noticed the fellow’s scratchings had suddenly ceased and when he looked up, the man was stock still, one hand holding the cup of the earphone to one side of his head while the hand that held his pencil had stopped its whispering course across the notepad. A strange susurrus spilled from the unlistened to cup. Luc’s comrade began to convulse and then pantomimed terrible laughter with no sound at all coming from his violent mouth. Wresting the headphones, Luc listened to the strange mixture of Latin and Greek, writing down and translating the terrible words that had driven his friend to madness. Buried in the arcane words were co-ordinates…but for what?

When Doctor Viegler was brought to Spandau a scant week before the others, he had no idea what this was all about but the brilliant scientist was soon given his answers by Speer himself. They knew of his research into the potential for animating the dead. They knew that the SS had made use of it and they had the proof. Handed over to the Allies, he would be shot, hanged or worse, locked in some basement, never to see the light of day. Speer offered him an alternative. Work with the RPA to find a way to defeat these abominations and he may yet have his freedom. Reminded of his duty to Germany, Viegler agreed.

All of these agents have now come together, representing America, Poland, Canada, France, and Germany in this deadly shadow war beneath the streets of Berlin. Tasked with Speer with their first assignment, they had better learn to work together if they ever want to find….Hitler!



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