The Berlin Quintet

On the Farm

The Agents found themselves called in to Spandau in the middle of the night to be told of a field agent’s disappearance. The RPA keeps various agents infiltrated in different departments to allow them to carry out reconnaissance and test field equipment. In Agent Bronn’s case, he was testing an experimental ST Tracker, a portable field radio that would allow an agent to detect the presence of reanimated soldiers known as STs. This one was designed to have a far greater range of detection and after radioing in from a rural town a few hours East of Berlin to mention that he had detected something, he wasn’t heard from again.

Albert Speer asked the Agents to go and see what happened to Bronn. They began to plan their mission, arming themselves, requisitioning one of the basic ST Trackers and finding out all they could about Agent Bronn and the area in which he went missing. Bronn was a member of the GDR police force and used his patrols in the countryside to carry out various RPA duties. His last known position was a small town in farm country near the border with Poland. After a bumpy ride through the still war-torn countryside, they made it to where he was last contacted and began to search up and down the country roads for signs of him or his car.

It took hours but eventually they spotted his government-issued car off the road near some overgrown brush. There was no sign of him but the passenger door had been violently removed from the car and his prototype tracker had been destroyed and even shot for good measure, rendering it completely useless. The Agents’ own tracker wasn’t giving any readings but still they went into the woods, tracking footprints left in the mud. Shortly after, they found a pool of blood and the footprints leading off in different directions. Sinclair noticed that only one of the set of footprints looked normal while the others had an odd syncopated quality to them he couldn’t quite place. Soldier Sally climbed up a tree and looked around for whatever landmarks of note their might have been and spied a farmhouse not too far off in the distance. The regular set of footprints seemed to lead in that general direction so the Agents piled into their car and carefully made their way there.

At the farm, they began to look around, Dr. Viegler skulking around, searching for any clues while the others, deferring to Captain Rokossowski went to the front door and began asking the occupants what they knew. First they spoke with a young woman named Ilse who promptly turned things over to her brother Johann who answered their questions hesitantly but refused them entry into the house. He did agree to give them a tour of the farm to prove that they had nothing to hide. Viegler had spied tire tracks, some fresh, but no sign of a car on the farm. When asked about it, Johann grew curt and defensive. Sally noticed that the farm seemed to be pretty well run and showed signs that more than just two people were managing things but Johann insisted it was just he and his sister. The Agents’ questions didn’t abet and with the tracker going off, indicating the presence of STs in the area, they weren’t about to buy Johann’s story.

Seeing that they weren’t going to leave, Johann frowned, made a point of taking off his hat and instantly the Agents found themselves under fire from someone on the upper level of the barn. Johann ran for the safety of his house but Sally tackled him to the ground. The sniper’s gun jammed and Rokossowski managed to make it up to where he was positioned while Sinclair got to the farmhouse, found Ilse with a gun aimed at his head but quickly disarmed her. Rokossowski found himself facing off against a scarred bear of a man who pulled a knife on him but after a quick scuffle, managed to incapacitate him and bring him back down to where both Johann and Ilse were being held prisoner. Quickly binding up the fierce-looking man, they began to get a different story from Johann.

Johann admitted that they were smugglers and that the Farmer, the man currently tied to a post and coming to, was responsible for the whole thing, having killed an SS officer, deserted the front for this farm. When questioned, the Farmer said nothing, just spat and kept his eyes on Rokossowski. The farmhouse now opened to them, Viegler and Sinclair went in with the tracker, determined to find where the STs were hiding. The farmhouse seemed relatively normal at first although where one would expect to find stairs to a cellar was all bricked up. After more hunting, they found a trapdoor locked from the inside and began trying to bash their way in. Sally and Rokossowski continued their interrogation but to little effect. Johann and Ilse grew noticeable more upset at the sounds coming from the farmhouse but the Farmer maintained his quiet, stoic gaze.

Sinclair finally smashed his way through and hopped down, gun drawn and ready to dispatch whatever unholy terrors awaited him. What he found instead were five pairs of eyes staring at him from wan, emaciated faces, young and old. Ordering them up and out of the cellar, Viegler found no signs of STs, just signs of human habitation. When the poor figures were brought outside with the other prisoners, Johann finally admitted all.

The farm was a way point for smuggling Jews, refugees, and now Soviet dissidents. The Farmer, whose name turned out to be Eric Zann had been helping people escape since the war. When questioned by Viegler, Eric finally spoke and said that they had best leave or they would die soon. Viegler pushed for more information and Eric said he would have answers if Eric was returned his knife. His knife was a ceremonial SS dagger and Rokossowski was not about to turn it back over to him. After Sinclair ran the tracker over it and the radio let out a high pitched whine, Rokossowski and the two North Americans were even less inclined to hand the dagger back over. Viegler insisted that they give it to him and find out what answers he had but after much debate, was overruled. Instead, he was given the knife and told to return to the house and see if it helped detect where the STs were.

As time passed, Eric seemed to be watching the Sun’s progress, almost as if he expected something to happen. When questioned, he allowed nothing. Viegler returned from the house, frustrated at not finding anything. The Agents decided to take Eric and the knife back to Spandau but to leave Johann, Ilse, and their smuggling operation alone. Sinclair tried to turn Eric’s threat against him, suggesting that whatever threatened the Agents would now only impact on his friends and the refugees but right before Eric might have responded, Viegler slipped the dagger back into his hands, eager to see just what its relation with the STs was.

Immediately the earth shook and bodies began to rise up. Dozens of STs tore themselves from the ground and Eric told the Agents to leave. Viegler and Rokossowski saw that there was no point in fighting but Sally and Sinclair were not about to back down. As they moved to confront Eric, the STs under his control quickly incapacitated the two North Americans but before they could be killed, Johann, remembering how the Agents had promised to leave their smuggling scheme alone, begged Eric to spare them. Convinced, the two unconscious agents were unceremoniously dropped by a pair of STs by their car. Viegler demanded answers and Eric told him that more knives could be found, one being at Castle Filkstein. Rokossowski and Eric exchanged glances, two soldiers aware of just what compromises are needed in war and the Agents departed back to Berlin and Spandau as the remaining STs began to prepare the farm and its inhabitants for a long journey.

Back in Spandau, the Agents recounted all they had seen although they were torn between sending men to stop Eric or leaving him and his wayward souls alone. Speer promised to try and keep an eye on things but when Castle Filkstein and the promise of reclaiming one of these Daggers was mentioned, he had a flash of recognition and went to his bookshelf before finding what he was looking for. With a chuckle he handed it over to the Agents where they could see that Castle Filkstein could only be found in a book of children’s stories.

Back in the countryside as a nighttime rain fell on the line of refugees, STs, and smugglers. Eric paused, looked down where his SS tattoo still itched despite the mass of scars covering it, and continued his march into the night.

The Surgeon's Tale

Inspecter Dietrich came to Spandau with the files of various unsolved murders for The Agents and hoped to tie these murders to Sergeant Kramer. Unfortunately, there was nothing in it to link with the mad sergeant but a pattern began to emerge of a disturbing series of murders with organs, muscle tissue, and other body parts being surgically excised and the victims being left in eerily comfortable positions. Dietrich said that they were classified as an unsolved cannibalism case. Asking for more information on similar crimes, The agents had Dietrich return with more information and they soon discovered a series of about forty murders, taking place between 1929 and 1935 and then resuming from 1945 to the present day. Sinclair grew more and more obsessed with the murders, becoming consumed with hatred for this murderer but determined that while the victims were found scattered around Berlin, they all lived within a certain area.

A few days later Dietrich called in late at night that and reported that there had been a similar attack. The agents went and found Dietrich but couldn’t get access to the crime scene or the victim whose arm was in the middle of being amputated when she managed to alert police with her screams. Dietrich did manage to secure the weapon for the agents to examine. Ir was a Great War era scalpel. When Dietrich went to return it to the appropriate authorities, he didn’t return. so the agents searched for him before Sally noticed that one of the cat walks was still vibrating and scurried up to the top of the building overlooking the crime scene and the crowd that was surrounding it.

On top, she found Dietrich in an undignified heap, still alive but knocked out. A shadowy figure was climbing down the other side of the building but as she called out to it, the figure jumped from one building to the next, their arms impossibly distended. Sally fired at it and struck the suspicious figure with a bullet, slowing it down but not stopping it as it headed off in the direction of that small radius that Sinclair had worked out. Making her way back to the other agents, she explained what she saw and how the scalpel was now missing. Getting in their car, the agents sped over to where they thought the attacker might be returning.

Sure enough, close to the centre of Sinclair’s radius, they found a tall apartment building which seemed perfect for a sinister, brachiating murderer. Making their way up the stairs, they found that the final two floors had been condemned and closed to the public. Not ones to allow any signage to throw them off their pursuit, they went past the decrepit, worn down penultimate floor and up to the very top floor where music could be heard. Besson waited outside the door with his gun ready and Sinclair and Sally went down into the dilapidated floor and over to the fire escape to surprise their presumed quarry. As they climbed up the side of the building, they felt the structure vibrate and looked down to see something scuttling up towards them, seemingly unaware of their presence. Making their way into the darkened apartment, they let Luc in and waited for their prey to arrive.

It slid in through the open window and into the darkened room before realizing it was not alone. The agents fired upon it, trying to keep it from getting away. In a pitiful squeal it surrendered and they soon had to come to grips with what they were facing. Its face was horribly distorted and distended, with bones jutting out from patchwork skin stretched tight across its misshapen skull. It spoke in a male voice but through a mouth of mismatched teeth, not all of it human. As he spoke, he tried to explain that he was sick and didn’t mean to hurt anyone but needed to stay alive. Sinclair, unable to control his rage, and despite the best efforts of Sally and Luc to stop him, managed to shoot him through the chest. As Sally tackled the monstrous man to the ground, she could hear two sets of heart beats until it was reduced to just one, Sinclair’s shot having hit its mark but failing to take into account a back up.

Soon he explained that he was known as Herr Chirurg, The Surgeon and that not only was he responsible for the murders but that he was also an agent of the Americans during the war as part of a secret mission called Operation Terrarium. He also pointed out that Sally was suffering from internal bleeding but she didn’t seem interested in hearing about that. The agents decided to take him back to Spandau and decide what to do with him there. Searching him and his apartment, they discovered a suitcase full of carefully arranged surgical implements and a box containing a US passport, American Dollars, and a coded telegraph.

Back at Spandau, they learned more from the Surgeon about how he had no memory prior to 1935 and how he had been hired by the Americans to spy on the Nazis before being assigned to work with Dr. Mengele in the camps, helping the evil doctor with his sinister experiments. Sally became overwrought, especially whenever the Surgeon would remind everyone of his American patronage and in a fit of rage, attacked him with a gardening spade that Speer used in his prison garden. The other agents called the guards who quickly escorted the Surgeon to a cell and Sally, who was by this time coughing up blood, off to the infirmary.

Luc and Sinclair explained to Speer what all had transpired, leaving out the Surgeon’s US connections. Speer allowed as having someone with knowledge of Mengele’s experiments and possibly even his whereabouts was too valuable to let go, agreed that the Surgeon should remain indefinitely contained in Spandau. The agents eventually met up with Sally in her post-surgical room and awkwardly tried to figure out just where to go from here, their by the book, black and white viewpoints being challenged at every step it seemed.

Meanwhile, in his cell, the Surgeon coughed up a needle and a length of thread and began to sew himself up, very optimistic about his new surroundings…

Monsters and Monsters

One Fall day Albert Speer summoned The Agents and introduced them to their newest team mate Martin Chess newly arrived operative from England. He had seen firsthand some of what the Nazis were meddling with when, during the final months of war, he and his team parachuted into the still blazing Eastern Front on the grounds that there might be some useful documents holed up in a former Nazi bolt hole hidden in an old holdfast belonging to some long dead Teutonic order. What they found was a smattering of dead men in SS and only one alive to warn them to avoid the castle where an eerie dim light glowed. Not to be put off, they made there way inside, dragging their captive as he screamed of their impending doom. In the central chamber they found evidence of dark rituals, a black mass meant to summon some unspeakable evil. A book at the top of a simple altar attracted Chess’ eyes and he went to take it. Then the torch flight flickered, went out, and when it came back up, Chess saw that his commanding officer’s eyes were aglow and his shadow twisted and Chess knew that the man must have been possessed. In trying to argue with his fellow men to detain their commander, panic ensued and a frightened lad whose head was filled with his grandmother’s Catholic mutterings blew off the officer’s head and received a surprising bullet from one of his own comrades in return. The terrible violence done, the evil entity seemed to depart and no-one spoke of it, although Chess never forget.

Back in Spandau, Speer told the agents that a child had gone missing and even worse, one of the SS’ dirty secrets, the Spezialeinzatstruppen or an ST had been potentially sighted in the area and needed to be neutralized. These undead soldiers were brought back from the dead to keep fighting Hitler’s wars using Dr. Viegler’s research. Speer hinted that even though Viegler was off on business, he might be of some use. This did not sit well with the remaining agents but they went off on their hunt, armed with an RPA modified field radio that would emit a static crackle when in the presence of the unique electric field the STs give off.

Making their way to the parents of the missing child, they discovered that many of the young boys were known to play in the warren of bunkers and shelters dug under the neighbourhood. They found out that there were several hidden ways the children know but also some guarded main entrances. The closest to the missing child’s home was guarded by an American sergeant named Dan Kramer who was mightily impressed by the celebrity of Soldier Sally that not only did he buy her story that she was escorting “foreign dignitaries” on a tour of the bunkers but agreed to escort her. Deep below, they began tuning in their radio and just as they heard it start to hiss, footsteps running away alerted them. Sally ran after them only to get winded and discover a dirt-smeared tyke who claimed to be looking for the boogeyman who took his friend. After quickly talking with him, they found out he wasn’t looking for Dieter, the boy the agents were on the hunt for but a different boy who had gone missing days before. Now concerned that the ST was going after more than one child, they turned their captured quarry over to Sergeant Kramer who went off to return him to his parents.

The agents began following the sound of static and tracked it to an empty wall with no door. Triangulating where they were, they managed to pinpoint the house that was over the spot behind that section of wall. Inside was a suspicious middle aged couple, the Diephofs, who protested but were convinced to allow the agents inside on the pretense that their ST detector was a bomb detector. Down into the cellar they went and their radio led them to a false wall behind which crouched the miserable, somewhat dead body of Werner Diephof.

His parents pleaded with the agents that the boy had returned from the war and was no harm to anyone. The creature seemed oddly protective of his parents and only lunged for Luc Besson when he aimed a gun at the parents to calm them down. Despite Sinclair firing a shot into the undead creature, they managed to calm the situation down and they began trying to question it about the missing children. Showing some limited signs of understanding, Werner took a piece of chalk and scrawled a geometric pattern which Sally soon recognized to be the American insignia for a Sergeant. Horrified at the implication they questioned him further and even sketched the helpful American only to have Werner grunt in affirmation.

They quickly ran out and back into the bunkers to find where Kramer had run off with the small child they had entrusted to his care. A lost shoe showed them the way through the winding tunnels and into a disused sewage system where sounds of jaunty whistling alerted them to Kramer’s presence. They crept towards the spot, hit by the putrescent smells of decay and overheard him say, “It’s nothing personal. The war just ain’t over,” and the sound of a knife sliding from its sheath.

Bursting in, Chess, and Sinclair laid down a barrage of bullets while Besson ran for the child who was chained to a wall, awaiting to be sliced open. Soldier Sally, fueled by rage ran for Kramer and the two wrestled until finally the sound of cold steel entering flesh rent the air and the two combatants pulled apart. Despite all the blood on Soldier Sally’s shirt, it all belonged to Kramer who died laughing, certain that his belief that the war would never end was true and expecting his eternal reward from his saviour as he cried out, “I’m comin’ home to you, Jesus!”

Everyone was shaken by this terrible scene. The room was an abattoir, filled with the bodies of the Germans he had been killing, men, women, and children alike. There was no ceremony or sense to be made of it. It was just pure carnage. Returning the boy to his parents, the agents broke off to try and figure out just what to do now. Sinclair let the police know through indirect channels who the murdered was, Besson went off to find a bottle, Chess pondered the fate of young Werner, while Sally marched straight back to the Diephof’s and offered Werner her own gun and the opportunity to kill himself. Staring dumbly at her and the gun, he looked up to where his parents would be and passed the gun back, unwilling to take another life, even his own barely a life.

The agents explained what had happened to Speer who informed them that they had done well but needed to do something about the ST. It couldn’t be allowed to remain where it might be discovered or worse. After a long night of drinking and debating with The Commonwealth allied against the Yank and the Frenchman, the Brit and the Canadian managed to successfully argue that Werner had to die. The one thing they all agreed on was that they didn’t want Werner in Viegler’s hands.

Allowing his parents the chance to say goodbye, they took him to Spandau where, with the last nub of his chalk, Werner drew row upon row of crosses. His final request.

The deed done, the body was turned back over to the parents and under the pretext that the long lost soldier had finally come home, they buried him with full military honours. All his surviving comrades turned up for the funeral.

And a few who hadn’t survived…

A Prelude

Brought to Spandau in the deep darkness of the early morning, the Reserve Police Agency’s newest agents were secretly ushered into the bowels of the prison where they found Albert Speer listening to Schubert’s The Trout. Welcoming them to the RPA, we flash to just how each of them found themselves recruited into this secret police force.

Sally “Solder Sally” Wyatt watched her brothers march off to war and never saw them alive again. With pluck and more than a little deception, she managed to smuggle herself to the front, disguised as a man and proceeded to earn fame when she personally confirmed a number of sniper kills during a siege in a small, French village. During the fight, the German soldiers grew oddly quiet and yet still approached her position in a bell tower. It was only when she saw glowing eyes coming off one of her brothers that she knew something sinister was at work. Back in the States, her sex and fame made public, she was heralded as “Soldier Sally” and quickly folded into the War Bonds circuit, drumming up support for the fight. Now that the war is done, Uncle Sam still has need of her and so she finds herself in Berlin.

On the other side of the Iron Curtain, Captain Miroslow Rokossowski son of the infamous Marshall of the People’s Republic of Poland found himself summoned to the nondescript yet expensively furnished office of the Ministry for Public Security. Having spent the war working with the Home Army before folding into the Red Army thanks to the patronage of his father, Miroslow had hoped to enjoy the fruits of peace but that was not to be. Jakub Berman, the head of this secret police force informed him that he was needed in Berlin to preserve Soviet interests in this RPA business. Always one to obey orders and not knowing just what he was getting himself into, Miroslow packed his bags and was off to the West, his peace deferred.

Canada’s moral reserve and fortitude was put to the test time and again during the war and time and again, they prevailed thanks to men like Corporate Robert Sinclair who, during the war, while engaged in house to house combat with the enemy, found himself and his men in one particularly quiet and ill-smelling abode. Cautiously making their way through, they were horrified to encounter some tenebrous creature who made off with one of Sinclair’s men before scuttling into the darkness, not to be seen again. Hurried for time as the more mortal fight was still being waged around him, Sinclair managed to obtain a solitary tooth, the only proof of that terrible thing in the darkness.

Luc Besson had parachuted into France to help sabotage the Hun’s tyranny. With British backing, he began listening in on enemy radio to determine what information might be of use to bring this madness to an end. Late one night, his comrade taking the shift while he rested, he suddenly noticed the fellow’s scratchings had suddenly ceased and when he looked up, the man was stock still, one hand holding the cup of the earphone to one side of his head while the hand that held his pencil had stopped its whispering course across the notepad. A strange susurrus spilled from the unlistened to cup. Luc’s comrade began to convulse and then pantomimed terrible laughter with no sound at all coming from his violent mouth. Wresting the headphones, Luc listened to the strange mixture of Latin and Greek, writing down and translating the terrible words that had driven his friend to madness. Buried in the arcane words were co-ordinates…but for what?

When Doctor Viegler was brought to Spandau a scant week before the others, he had no idea what this was all about but the brilliant scientist was soon given his answers by Speer himself. They knew of his research into the potential for animating the dead. They knew that the SS had made use of it and they had the proof. Handed over to the Allies, he would be shot, hanged or worse, locked in some basement, never to see the light of day. Speer offered him an alternative. Work with the RPA to find a way to defeat these abominations and he may yet have his freedom. Reminded of his duty to Germany, Viegler agreed.

All of these agents have now come together, representing America, Poland, Canada, France, and Germany in this deadly shadow war beneath the streets of Berlin. Tasked with Speer with their first assignment, they had better learn to work together if they ever want to find….Hitler!

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